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Whoever said finding love was easy, was either in their twenties, or didn't know that in the real world, relationships and people are complicated.

More than giving advice, Better Dating News helps you to think. When you can think about what you really want, what you really need and what is really happening in your life, you are armed and ready for combat. I mean, dating. All is fair in love and war, so maybe, being armed is not such a bad analogy.

Nobody can forge the journey for you. Nobody can give you a code for how to act, how to feel, what to say or when to say it. But roadmaps can be useful to help you THINK about what it means to get out there, to talk, so make a connection and to keep trying.

This newsletter is filled with AHA! moments about why some people can connect and some can't, about how to get more (or less) personal with someone, and about how to manage those inevitable challenges like: freezing up, feeling scared, fearing rejection, recovering from disappointment, disillusionment and the desire to give up.

Sample articles include:


Getting out there : the why's and when's.

Feeling unmotivated: how to handle it.

What to do when the feeling isn't mutual.

Making Small Talk

Your first fight - what it means, how to handle it

When should you get Intimate?

Choosing where to Go

Strategizing your non-negotiables.

And much, much more.


Each month, your newsletter will provide you with a set of articles on timely issues, with opportunities to contact Claudia Luiz with your own personal experiences and conundrums.

From first date to last, this newsletter is a keeper. Ten years after it's inception, one of our readers recently contacted us who was single again, having remembered our wisdom and advice.

Contact us now for your valuable insights into human nature, the realities of the mating and dating game, and how you can increase your chances of greater success and enjoyment dating.

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