Claudia Confidentially

Charismatic Husband

PUT HUBBY ON A LEASH Dear Claudia, I am married to a tall, good-looking, successfulbusinessman. On many occasions when we are together,women will openly and

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Bulk Rate to U-Haul

GET A BULK-RATE TO U-HAUL Dear Claudia, After my youngest brother left home, my parents sold our family home and have been moving ever since.

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Children and Motivation

Homework hassles This is a very popular question. Unlike what most parents think, because it is counter-intuitive, power-struggles do absolutely nothing to improve academic achievement

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Building Resiliency

Dear Claudia, I have a daughter who won’t stick with anything. She gets excited about things at first, but then, as soon as she is

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Challenging Child

Dear Claudia, I’ve got four a number of children. Three of them are easy and I have no problem with them, so I know it’s

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Child Has No Friends

To Claudia Confidentially: My kid child doesn’t have friends at school – she’s ten. She’s very sad about it. What should I do? Medfield Parent

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Challenging Teen

Dear Claudia, I love my children [teens] very much, but I am not patient…I am losing it with them almost every day…Some days I don’t

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Dear Claudia, I have my three kids home with me for parts of the summer and we have been doing some things and keeping busy

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A Real Man

He’s a Real Nowhere Man “He’s going nowhere” she told me in a session years ago. I remember thinking: “why not?” She answered the question

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Couples Therapy

On saying “I DO” again. OK, five separate women revealed to me in my office this past month that they really are not able to

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