Charismatic Husband


Dear Claudia,

I am married to a tall, good-looking, successful
businessman. On many occasions when we are together,
women will openly and blatantly flirt with him right in front of
me. It’s obvious they are trying to “land” him. I know this
because it happens with some of the same women over
and over again. They know he is married to me.

What does a wife do in these instances? Confront the
woman in some manner? Walk away because she can’t
stand to see it happen? Hope the husband recognizes it
and makes a get-away?

I am anxious to know how other wives handle this situation
OR would like to learn from you, Claudia, how I should
personally handle it. It can be very upsetting. Thank you for
any insight you may have.

Wifely Dilemma

Dear Wife,

Jealousy is commonly treated as a factor of abandonment and insecurity. I see that in your case, however, it seems to be a matter of just having the kind of husband that other women want.

Men don’t typically turn away from admiration, either. Usually, they like it. Getting an attractive man, such as your husband, to be unattractive sound to me like asking fire not to be hot. I wouldn’t count on your husband putting out any fires anytime soon.

As for “confronting the woman in some manner,” I see no harm in that if it makes you feel better. Sounds to me like she is behaving like a tramp and could use a little cooling off. I can certainly understand why you would not want to just “stand by” while she puts moves on your man. If you don’t feel comfortable making waves, however, like because she is your next door neighbor, walking away so at least you don’t have to watch her flirt shamelessly is probably your best solution. But keep an eye out all the same — you never know how far she is going to go.

My only other suggestion is for you to exercise a harmless but nonetheless satisfying form of mental revenge. Just think to yourself, as you watch this shameless show, that these other women may want your husband, but you’re the one who’s actually got him. Then, figure out all the fun ways you’re going to keep him. These fun ways, by the way, provide excellent remedy for another, more common wifely dilemma, which has nothing to do with how fabulous our husbands really are.

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