Claudia Confidentially

Chronic Talker

Dear Claudia Confidentially, What would be the best way to handle a co-worker in meetings who talks non-stop? Reserved in Dover Dear Reserved, I know

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Dear Claudia, My kid doesn’t have friends at school. What should I do? Frustrated Dear Frustrated, Thinking your child doesn’t have friends in school is

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Break Out of a Rut 2

Dear Claudia,How do you break out of a rut? I never make New Year’s resolutions any more because they never work. But I still think

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Back To Work

Dear Claudia, My baby is a couple of months old, and I am trying to decide whether to go back to work. I actually really

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Break Out of a Rut

Dear Claudia, How do you break out of a rut? I don’t have money for therapy. Mother of three Dear Mom, Look it’s very simple

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Blended Families

Dear Claudia, I am in love with a wonderful man, who has two children, and I have three of my own. He suffered a terrible

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Depressed Sister

Claudia ConfidentiallySister in Depression Needs Supportby Claudia Luiz Dear Claudia Confidentially, My sister was just diagnosed with depression, and will probably go on medication. She

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Desperate Housewife

Claudia ConfidentiallyDesperate Housewife Dear Claudia, My husband is a workaholic. It was bad when we married, but it’s getting so bad I wonder sometimes if

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House is Not a Home

When a House is Not a HomeClaudia Confidentially Dear Claudia,After my youngest brother left home, my parents sold our family home and have been moving

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Lazy Wife

Claudia Confidentiallyby Claudia Luiz Dear Claudia, I decided to stay home with the kids and raise them, but I do not like to do housework.

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Mommy Dearest

More Mommy DearestClaudia Confidentiallyby Claudia Luiz Dear Claudia, I love my children [teens] very much, but I am not patient…I am losing it with them

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