Marriage Therapy without Pretending How You Feel..."

I'm a certified psychoanalyst and expert on marital problems

Dear Married Friend Who Is In Doubt,

You’re at a difficult crossroads. You’re fuzzy on what’s happening, hopeless about being heard (much less understood) and wondering if you should start looking for your own apartment.

These are wonderful things to consider, and learning how to take a good, hard look at the problems, frustrations and disappointments in your marriage, are exactly what will give you clarity.

I welcome you here!

What's included in the marriage course?

You’ll get worksheets and videos that make it easy for you to sort through the truth of your marriage: the disappointment and hurt, the shame, self-blame and disappointment and frustration.

You’ll be given strategies and tools for how to get a new perspective on the deepest problems in your marriage: the irreconcilable differences, betrayals, lack of trust, negativity and more.

These video’s and worksheets take the most unfair accusations, the worst projections, and the most painful negative impressions, and turn them into blueprints for intimacy and understanding.

My marital sessions cost $300 an hour and it can take multiple sessions to have a breakthrough.

This course is only $297 – a little less than the price of just one session!