Playground of the Mind

We're back!!

Life is a mystery. Why we can’t change? Why can’t other people change!

We get frustrated, and draw conclusions. “I’m too weak.” “He’s too narcissistic.” “There’s no time.” “She doesn’t try.”  All dead-end roads.

Problems though, are “wobbles”.  A wobble is a clue to a bigger mystery. We can’t see it, we don’t know what it is, but we definitely feel it.

At the Playground of the Mind, we love “wobbles” and we use the tools of psychoanalysis to solve the mysteries.
What's the mystery behind the wobble? (diagnosing)
What's the bigger picture? (theories) How do you explore it? (tools and methods)

Come to the Playground of the Mind and immerse yourself on a path of emotional discovery that can take you beyond the dead end roads, to transformation.

Past Workshops

How We Heal:
How even simple gestures reveal much about the unc

The Significance of Soup:
How even simple gestures reveal much about the unconscious