Finding Love

When it comes to dating, singles men and women have heard it all — where to go, what to say, who to see and how to look. And yet, we are still looking for answers. It’s not about lack of skills, it’s not about lack of information and it’s not about secrets that haven’t been revealed. It’s about feelings that get in the way. Powerful feelings. Like sexual attraction. Like anger, fear, shyness and intimidation.

Finally, a guide to dating that provides real answers. From managing disappointment to knowing the real odds of meeting someone you like – Finding Live takes you beyond tips, strategies and advice you’ve read a thousand times. Tired of hearing about table manners and small talk? Tune in to Finding Love and get the real word on dating and beyond.

Learn how to deal with the most common emotional challenges, including:

You will read about:

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For Dr. Luiz, it’s all about the emotions. The disappointment, excitement, lust, rejection, anticipation, self-doubt, you name it! How do we navigate all these emotions?

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Some things really have to be in place for you to partner up. Find out what the right ingredients are, and if you make the cut.