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Hidden Mind

Terrell and Rosalia in Bed

What has replaced “interpretation” as the leading intervention in psychoanalysis today? Read “Terrell and Rosalia in Bed” -- about a couple on the brink of divorce who come to understand each other deeply -- and learn the new clinical approaches that can help people grow and heal from past trauma, dissociation, and emotional disconnect.

Understanding how our minds have to be prepared for self-discovery

is made easy with the ground-breaking book the Journal of Modern Psychoanalysis calls “arguably the best lay book written about modern psychoanalysis.”

If you ever wanted to know what it takes to be a guide to the unconscious, The Making of a Psychoanalysis brings you into the personal analysis and supervision of Dr. Claudia Luiz as she treats her patients in moving, emotion-filled stories.

  • You will learn about Catrina, a woman suffering with depression and panic attacks, as she reveals her hidden truths.

  • Follow Terrell and Rosalia in the intimate details of their marriage where they learn how to understand each other’s distortions, projections and negative transferences to each other.

  • Mercy, a delinquent teen, needs her entire family to resuscitate her as they all learn how to listen emotionally.

  • A small girl with ADD gets treatment, where Dr. Luiz discovers what interferes with her ability to focus and communicate.

These stories and more explain why working with the unconscious, the prerogative of psychoanalysis, is still the best way to make deep and lasting change happen, and change the whole trajectory of a person’s destiny, relationships and life.

Learn How Psychoanalysis Revolutionizes How Patients Recover

This video finally explains, in a way that’s clear and accessible to beginning and advanced students alike the new innovations in psychoanalysis that have revolutionized how patients are helped to recover from their emotional disturbances and traumatic events.

In this book, you can read about

Test Your Understanding of how Catrina, a depressed woman on the brink of a breakdown, got well.

You will learn

Dr. Claudia Luiz

Award-winning author and psychoanalyst Dr. Claudia Luiz is being heralded as “poised to create a seismic shift in consciousness” (New Books in Psychoanalysis)

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