The Gift of Your Wobble


The Wobble

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Listen, you want to get to know your “wobble” REALLY well, because it leads you to your unseen brain.

Why would you want to know your unseen brain?

Guess what: your unseen brain drives you, more than we ever imagined.  Simply put, so many of your actions, decisions and behaviors are determined by your unseen brain.

  • It’s what’s behind your unspoken aversion to situations that would be good for you.
  • It’s what draws you uncontrollably to things even though they aren’t good for you.
  • It’s where you stash all the things you want to forget, which makes you blind to seeing things.
  • It’s what creates “anxiety” – that free-floating sense of dread that has no narrative.

Getting to know your hidden brain is life-changing.

Why? Because you can’t control things you can’t see.

Discovering your unseen brain makes it possible for you to come up with your best personalized decisions.  Just like choosing the best outfit to wear requires you know as much as possible about your best size, fit and coloring.  You see, the more you know about yourself, the more you can find your perfect fit — in every area of your life.

Which leads us to…the Gift of Your Wobble

If you really want to solve the mystery of your unseen brain, your “wobble” is like the crime scene – the place you want to start investigating.  It’s where all the emotional action is.

Clues about your Unseen Brain are be located in areas of emotional confusion, dread and anxiety which comprise your WOBBLE.  When you took the “QUIZ” you got started. Now, let’s keep going.

In the coming weeks, you will learn more about which kinds of emotional experiences (yes, experiences, not knowledge) will help you keep unfolding, and discovering new things about yourself.   You’ll learn what it takes to go beyond “survival mode” to do something with your mind that changes you and your path of destiny irrevocably.

So stay tuned for the unfolding.