The Sooner You Get to Know Your Unconscious The Better

The first thing you have to do when you begin to study your unconscious is to understand what, exactly, to investigate.
We can’t know what’s “unconscious,” so this is hard. What you have to do is follow telltale signs.

This State is what I call “the wobble.”
The “wobble” is a term that comes from physics.

We learned, studying exo-planets in space that even though we couldn’t see them, we could explore the gravitational pull they had on visible stars. These gravitational pulls showed up as “wobbles” on graphs of frequencies that charted the star’s movement.

Whenever a “wobble” showed up, you could discern a hidden planet behind it, exerting its pull.

So, in your mind, if you think about your hidden self – the unconscious thoughts and feelings that haunt you and drive you but that you can’t make out consciously – you can study your own “wobble.”
Here are some examples of emotional frequencies that can lead you to know your hidden self.

Check off how many you recognize or identify.

  • Consciously, You recognize that you feel a little (or a lot) neglected or even abused. You always justify your own story, going over it in agonizing detail, as if trying to convince yourself of what’s real while feeling frustrated, helpless, or powerless. The conscious feelings don’t seem to bring you to any closure, or decision. You’re in limbo and insecure.
  • You get particularly upset when you have this feeling: _________________,
    (fill-in-the-blank, for example,
    anger, disappointment, humiliation, sadness, helplessness, frustration).
  • The feeling de-rails you, and you may feel hijacked, tormented, disturbed, undone, or otherwise agitated and upset. It takes over. That’s a good wobble.
  • You lose your patience with someone. Sometimes you don’t even know until later, when regret or shame creeps in, that you had lost it to the degree that you did.
  • Secretly, you can’t access compassion for someone close to you that you “should” care. But the genuine feeling isn’t there. You can behave as you care, but you are numb. You can’t see, experience, imagine, or feel what that person is going through; the emotional connection isn’t there.

You find yourself crying out of the blue, like a runaway train.

You feel bored, resigned, anxious (fill in the blank with a negative feeling) in your day-to-day life. But you know there’s no reason for it. You have to remember that belief isn’t real to talk yourself out of it.
Any of these scenarios are indicative of a “wobble” – of emotional frequencies that could lead you to hidden aspects of yourself.

When you follow your “wobble” and shine a light on it, you can get to some “aha” moments; discoveries you make about yourself that you never realized. Like that, you don’t like someone. Or like that, you never fully believe your account of the truth. Like that, something really hurt that you never thought about much. These are feelings we are generally uncomfortable with (because they don’t feel productive or constructive) that then get pushed out of consciousness.

To get to know your unconscious…

So that you can be fully awake with everything about yourself, and not be haunted by demons, hijacked emotionally out of the blue, confused by your actions, or prone to bad things happening, it helps to know yourself.

So follow your “wobble.”

P.S: It’s not always easy. Sometimes the sea of emotion where the wobble lives feel like a tidal wave: un-swimmable. Strong currents of emotion need to get organized before you can navigate them.

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