What's Your Wobble?

Your “wobble” is your challenge…

When we feel challenged, we believe we should try harder, do better, and grow. Getting INSIDE those challenges (by understanding as much as possible about them) increases our personal power to meet those challenges even better than before.

What's Your Wobble? is a tool for getting inside challenges more, and playing with what you do feel to shine a better light upon yourself.

But often, we shy away from our challenges, believing “if I don’t think about it, I will minimize it.”

While this is true, there is a time and place to take stock, and do the internal work that can deepen your commitment to being even stronger than before.

The Power of the "Wobble". These are some of the feelings that challenge us, that I invite you to bring to the table, for analysis:

What can my wobble teach me?

We often feel our wobbles.  That’s our consciousness.  It lives in the lower brain.  But our higher brain is not engaging with these impressions.  We don’t challenge ourselves and ask “why do I feel this way?” “Should or could I feel differently?”  

Instead, we buy into what we perceive about ourselves, and that’s a “Habit of the Mind.”

Discovering and challenging your habits of the mind is POWERFUL.  I hope this website and the tools will help you with your personal power because the more we truly “know” ourselves (not just experience ourselves) the better life becomes.

Ready to Find Your Wobble?