You just created a personal blueprint for how to deepen your understanding of your own challenges.

Your "Wobbles"

There's three types of "wobbles" or are types of feelings you can look at.

A. BODY WOBBLES. You scored: 0

Body wobbles are emotions, impulses and wishes can be found by focusing on what your body is doing (anxiety, heart racing, sick stomach, fatigue, etc.)

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Your relationship wobble score reveals what you can focus on in your relationships with people to get deeper inside your own mind. Examples of relationship wobbles are challenging feelings for your partner, or kids, or parents.

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C. SELF WOBBLES. You scored: 0

Self-wobbles provide you with an opportunity to investigate yourself by focusing on the feelings and attitudes that you have about yourself. Examples of a SELF wobble include having feelings like shame, disappointment, insecurity, or envy.

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D. No Wobbles. Your score: 0

NO WOBBLES? No worries… No wobble scores mean there may not be anything interesting to study when it comes to your response to the questions.  Don’t worry about it! You should have plenty to study even without a wobble!

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Now what?

Now that you have your score, the real work comes in thinking about, focusing in on, and exploring your wobbles. So here is your blueprint below! Print it, add notes, and celebrate following your wobbles, like a yellow brick road, to new aspects of your consciousness.

Investigating and staying tuned in to your wobbles is a fantastic path to getting deeper inside your own challenges, so you can really know what you are up against, dealing with yourself!

The goal? Developing an expanded awareness about any thoughts and feelings that may feel murky, confusing, puzzling, unclear.

Search for new words to describe your experience as you focus on it.  To understand your wobbles, you focus on thoughts and feelings inside yourself, expanding your consciousness, and creating more connections to your higher brain.  That’s when you no longer “lose your mind!”

Have fun!

Here are your answers

Don't forget: [A] answers suggest you focus on what your body is doing,
[B] answers suggest you think about your relationships, and [C] answers suggest you focus on your relationship to yourself.

1. It’s the middle of the night and you’re up. Why?

2. Someone important your life WILL NOT LISTEN to you. Who is it? (a boss, spouse, child, teacher?) What's your reaction?

3. You got really emotional in front of someone. Like, broke down in tears, or burst out in anger, or left a room because you couldn’t stand what was happening. What happened? After it happened, what did you feel?

4. You have just been insulted and undermined, in front of others. What happened? How did you react?

5. Oh, no! Now YOU have made a bad mistake (forgotten something, hurt someone, made a bad decision - pick one) What did you do? What's your feeling about your mistake?

6. You’re having an argument with someone, and next thing you know, they're screaming at you. What happens next is:

7. Rejected! Ouch. Was it a friend? A job? A family member? How do you feel about it?

8. You have to make a really big, hard decision. You are not sure what to do. Here’s what happens next:

9. A close family member has accused you wrongly of being emotionally insensitive or hurtful. Your reaction?

10. You've been asked by someone important to you, to help with a painful emotional problem. Who is it? How do you respond?*